The secret of ITW Chemin’s success is our workforce which is an invaluable asset. The Cosmo work culture at ITW Chemin adds a vibrant dimension to the work environment. Diversities of culture, regional origin, educational background and gender offer a variety which provides a synergy resulting in exceptional results.

Being committed in creating an environment which involves the participation at all levels inclusive of the Management Team, Managers and the various teams, ITW Chemin inculcates and stirs up passions, in delivering optimal solutions and value addition.

Consolidate your Career

To ensure that your future goals are met ITW Chemin extends unstinted support to drive your career forward. Career management modules designed to enhance your skills and gain valuable experience in your field are provided. Training techniques are upgraded to stay abreast with the latest developments. Regular appraisals evaluate your progress to expedite career growth.

Opportunity to fulfill your ambitions
Along with career development and job security you reap the benefits of a competitive salary on par with the best in the industry. You can plan for the future by fulfilling your family’s requirements and achieve personal objectives.

Setting benchmarks
ITW Chemin a global conglomerate is focused on employing individuals who can add to the wealth of its workforce. Keeping in tune with the high standards required in a fiercely competitive environment, ITW Chemin needs team-oriented, quality conscious individuals with excellent potential. Our policy assures the right candidates a rewarding future.