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 Power operated Ball-Lok Chucks
  • Can be converted from external to internal chucking in minutes
  • Pullback throughout the chucking range
  • Jaw homing device centralizes jaws which compensates for variations
  • Various jaws for different work-pieces can be readily exchanged
1-1 1-1
  • Centralizing type
  • Compensating type
 Special Work Drivers
1. Diaphragm Chucks
  • Diapharagm Principle:

  • Simplicity……Similar to the action of an oil can bottom! No sliding parts. No friction. No wear, simple flexing action only!
  • The diaphragm principle as applied to chucking utilizes the inherent strength and accuracy of spring steel to achieve chucking pressure on internal or external surfaces.

  • Applications of this principle have been production proven in plain diameter and pitch line (production proven in plain diameter and pitch line) chucks in sizes ranging from 2” to 54”.

  • Standardisation of components assures interchangeability of parts reducing time and tooling costs Diaphragm chucks are primarily for secondary operations, as grinding boring, facing and light turning. Locating surfaces should be a premachined or precision cast surface.

  • Locating diameter tolerance should be held to total of 0.06 on the smaller chucks to 0.015 on the larger size.
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  • Dovetail Jaw Design
  • Master Jaw Design
2. Gear Pitch Line Chucks

Solid Jaw Gear Chuck

For single purpose applications High or Medium Production

Hundreds of these chucks are use in today. The absence of moving wearable components eliminate “down time”. Four sizes have been standardized, namely the 5-1/2”, 7”, 10” and 13” nominal diameters. Positive pullback action results in consistent quality control between pitch line and end faces. Basic design uses three jaws. Four or five jaw models are available for special applications.

1-1 1-1 1-1
  • Cage style Gear Chuck
  • Universal Gear Chucks
  • Double Location Chuck
 Face Clamping Chucks

For Aluminium Wheel Advantages:

Superior structure

1. Conventional type having lead groove at shaft motion of thrust direction for rotation movement of the jaws. New FFC type is employed helical spline as rotation mechanism. Pulling dimension can freely setup by 1 mm such work-pieces as it has convex just below clamping portion can be clamped.

 Standard Power Chucks and Cylinders
 Indexing Chucks
 Arbors & Collets Systems
 Pull Down Chucks
 Combination Chucks

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